Papua New Guinea Elimbari Origin Coffee Bean

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Papua New Guinea Elimbari Origin Coffee

The Papua New Guinea Elimbari Origin Coffee Bean got its name from an attractive mountain in the Chauve region of the Simbu Province.

Coffee Undertones
 Cedar and Cherry
Coffee Undertones Cedar and Cherry

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The Simbu Province happens to be the 3rd largest coffee producing province in Papua New Guinea, contributing approximately 10% to the Country’s annual coffee produce.

This coffee is grown at an altitude of about 1600 meters above sea level in the heart of Papua New Guinea and is harvested between May and August.
Available in all roast colours, the Elimbari Origin coffee bean is complex yet well-balanced, with slight, rich flavours that all come together to give it a lively and sparkling taste.

This excellent coffee has a classic, full body and subtle sweetness accompanied by a glamorous, complex and fruity aroma.
Brew coffee with the Elimbari and experience an outlandish cup of coffee that tastes like cedar, ripe cherries with a malt-like finish.

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