Kenya Arabica Origin Coffee Bean

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Kenya Arabica Origin Coffee

The Kenya Arabica Coffee Beans cannot be traced to any particular region because it is grown in various regions exceptional quality coffee condition all around Kenya.

Coffee Undertones
 Chocolate and Blackcurrent
Coffee Undertones Chocolate and Blackcurrent

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These beans are grown in volcanic loamy soils at an altitude of about 1,600 and 1,800 meters above sea level and harvested between the months of October and December. After they might have been harvested, they undergo a process which involves being fully washed and dried on African sun raised beds.

When dry, they emit a dark chocolatey and cherry aroma which changes to popcorn and berry-like when they are being roasted. When used to brew a coffee, it has caramel and tangerine-like aroma.

The Kenya Arabica Coffee Bean which is able to withstand any level of roast has unique citrus and winy acidity level with a full and rich body complemented by a rich, sweet, blackcurrent and faint cocoa flavour.

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