How To Store Coffee Beans

How to Store Coffee Beans


How to keep your Coffee Beans as fresh as possible.

Congratulations! You have finally purchased your fresh roasted coffee beans, now what is next? Do you just leave them in a bowl in your kitchen, so the flavour and aroma be replaced with air? Definitely not! Whatever it is you need to do, however many you all might be, one thing is for sure – you can’t brew a whole pack of coffee at once, at least not always (hello there coffee shop owners).

Storing coffee beans is never an easy feat, it takes time and commitment as the slightest of mistake you make might make your gorgeous beans lose their flavour and taste leaving you with coffee that is not quite desirable. Hence, anyone who wishes to store coffee beans needs to have the basic know-how involved in coffee beans storage before proceeding to purchase surplus beans.

Now, what do you do to keep the taste of your coffee as intact as ever? There are lots of ways to go about it, and we at coffeeallstar are here to walk you through them.

No knowledge is a waste, you might not be the coffee-loving type now but who knows what the future holds? Who knows if you would end up being married to someone who can’t do without coffee? What do you do then? It is surely best to keep these points in handy as you never know when you might be in need of them.

Keep them air-tight and cool

It might not be public knowledge but coffee beans are generally at war with air, heat, light, and moisture, and just like any one-sided fight, the lone wolf always ends up getting hurt. In simpler words, when thinking of how to store coffee beans, bear in mind firstly to void keeping them somewhere, that is exposed to the four above mentioned matters. To do this, try storing them in an air-tight and opaque container advisably at room temperature. Place the container t a location that is not too warm such as right next to the oven, avoid keeping it close to places where water could accidentally get into the container such as the sink.

It is perfectly understandable that fresh roasted coffee beans are often a beau and you might be tempted to show them off. However, we would not advise you to use transparent containers to store your coffee beans as they might allow light to penetrate and affect the wonderful taste of your coffee.

Also, while the packaging that comes with the beans from the retail shop they were purchased might be sufficient to preserve the taste for a short period, if you plan on keeping the beans for a long period, endeavour to get an air-tight container to better store the beans.


Ah! Freezing! The preservation technique as famous as Michael Jackson. The effect freezing has on any food is unquestionable but does it have the same effect when it is used to store coffee beans? We are all familiar with certain things stored in the refrigerator absorbing the smell and taste of other things they share room with, something just like what water does to fish, fruits, and others. Coffee has that same characteristic and is why experts don’t really advise this method of coffee storage. I mean who wants a coffee that has tasting notes of fishy with hints of broccoli? However, if you decide to use this method, be sure to use a perfectly air-tight and opaque container, one that won’t give the beans room to absorb properties of the matters around it.

It is also advised to avoid constant removal of the beans from the freezer to prevent them defrosting thus leading to moisture in the container. What you should do is take enough coffee you think would be enough to last you through a week or more at once.


Or, Or, Or Just Purchase The Right Amount

I know it is always best to buy the things you need at home in large quantities. Asides from benefitting from various discounts, they are available when you need them say in the middle of the night. However, if you do not have a container capable of protecting your beans from the factors set out to rid them of their aroma and taste, why bother purchasing in large quantities when they are just going to waste anyway? All this point says is why bother on thinking about how to store coffee beans when you can easily purchase enough coffee beans to meet your coffee needs for a week or two fully. This way, the packaging that came with the coffee beans and your sub-par container will be sufficient enough to preserve the beans. Sure, you would miss out on some great discounts in the short run, but in the long run, the cost you would have saved in damages ad wastage would be enough to compensate for what was initially lost.

To summarise for those who aren’t so patient to calmly read through all what was written above, the perfect ‘how to store coffee beans’ way is to:

  • Store the beans in a dark, opaque, air-tight container.
  • Keep them in a place devoid of sunlight.
  • Coffee beans do not react well to steam so avoid keeping them close to your stoves, fireplace, etc.
  • Avoid storing the coffee beans near your sink or any other place where water could mistakenly get into the beans.
  • Endeavour to use the beans as quickly as possible as fresh roasted coffee beans begin to lose their flavour immediately after they undergo the roast session and are exposed to air.
  • Store excess coffee beans in the freezer albeit in an opaque and air-tight container.


Now that you have learned how to store coffee beans go ahead and wow the world by always having fresh coffee beans to brew whenever you have company.

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