Coffee Roasting Guide

Coffee Roast Guide

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The Art of Roasting.

Roasting is a process where green coffee beans are exposed to varying degrees of heat to turn them into the aromatic, varying coloured beans we’ve come to love and cherish.

Naturally, the green harvested beans are only good for storage and cannot be used to brew coffee as they are thus the need to roast. The process of roasting is what brings out the scent and taste of the beans.

While I can’t simply explain how the whole process goes in just a few lines, the trick to roasting is to simply expose the beans to very high temperature till they attain the desired roast colour at which point you stop the process and immediately cool the beans to prevent the continuation of the process. Once this is accomplished, voila! Your coffee beans are all set to be ground and brewed.

It is, however, pertinent to know that the process of roasting is no child’s play and requires months or years of constant research practice to become somewhat expert at it so don’t lose all hopes if you don’t get it right initially, the sky is just the beginning.

It is advised to use the fresh roasted coffee beans as soon as possible to prevent the flavour from diminishing.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way let’s look at the various roast levels and help you become more familiar with the coffee you drink.


Familiarize with your roasts

Although you might get confused by the different names for different roasts you see anytime you want to purchase coffee, the different levels of roast are only three in number namely Light, Medium, and Dark.

It is advised to ask what level of roast is being used to brew your coffee and know what level does the trick for you. A little tip to aid your decision, the darker the roast, the less the level of caffeine and acidity.

You would be surprised how much different they are from themselves.




Light roasts

Light Coffee Roast  When coffee beans are roasted to this level, they give a light brown colour. If what you seek is a coffee with a mild flavour, this is the roast for you. The fresh roasted beans will be dry as the beans were not roasted long enough for the coffee to crack thus giving way for the inherent oils to swim to the surface.



Medium roasts

Medium Coffee Roast  The medium roast has a stronger flavour than its light roast counterpart and gives the fresh roasted beans a medium brown colour. For same reason given above in the light roast description, this roast level also has a non-oily surface. It is the perfect drink for coffee aficionados who prefer their cup of coffee ‘just strong enough.’



Dark roasts

Dark Coffee Roast  

The dark roast, as the name implies, turns your green coffee beans into shiny black ones. The beans are roasted till they have a distinct dark or charred outlook and just long enough to let the oils break through to the surface. As stated earlier, the darker the roast level, the less acidity you are bound to find in the cup of coffee it was used to brew. Coffee brewed with this roast level are known to be strong and have a bittersweet aftertaste.

N.B. Dark roasts have various names and different appearances, so it is advised to check the beans prior to purchasing properly.



Roasting coffee is an art that brings out the flavour in the raw freshly harvested green coffee beans. Whoever it was that came up with the idea of roasting should be given an award as without the roasting process, what we will have in place of coffee would be a sort of coffee kale with unimaginable acidity.