Uganda Robusta SC18 Origin Coffee Bean

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Uganda Robusta SC18 Origin Coffee Bean | Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans UK

Robusta coffees are totally different from the Arabica ones as they possess a lot more caffeine. In fact, they have so much caffeine they are deemed the “The Original Energy Drink.” The Uganda Robusta SC18 Origin Coffee Bean, being a Robusta, has this quality which happens to be what makes it stand out from other coffees.

Coffee Undertones
 Nut and Berry
Coffee Undertones Berry and Nut

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It has a full body, wonderful aroma and an espresso-perfect taste making it the ideal drink for coffee lovers who seek something strong and powerful.

Although the dark roast level is somewhat perfect for an espresso base, a roast level of light or medium is highly recommended for this coffee bean if you intend to retain and explore all the nook and cranny of its flavour.

This coffee bean which originates from Uganda emits a luscious nutty aroma coupled with a bold, earthy taste with hints of fruity wine and a bittersweet finish when used to brew an espresso.

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