Nicaragua Jinotega Origin Coffee Bean

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Nicaragua Jinotega Origin Coffee

The Nicaragua Jinotega Origin Coffee Bean, which is mostly harvested on small family-owned farms, originates from the Jinotega region of Nicaragua.

Coffee Undertones
 Chocolate, Hazelnut and Blackcurrant
Coffee Undertones Chocolate, Blackcurrant Hazelnut

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The mountainous region which borders Honduras boasts exceptional fertile soil is well known for its natural hot springs, beautiful cliff-side scenes, and quality coffee.

This product can be termed the perfect coffee as it originates from a region that has excellent coffee growing condition due to its slight temperature and equally disbursed rainfall over the year.

The Nicaragua Jinotega Origin fresh roasted beans are perfectly roasted and are available in all roast colours ranging from light to dark and has a unique slight acidity and a medium body with a balanced sweetness with hints of vanilla.

Expect a sweet, chocolaty citrus-like aromatic cup of coffee that tastes like cocoa, hazelnut and blackcurrant with a rich but subtle floral flavour finish when you brew coffee with this product.


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