Ethiopia Dijimmah Origin Coffee Bean

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Ethiopia Dijimmah Origin Coffee

If you are looking to enjoy a full-bodied coffee with a rich aroma, this favourite amongst people who enjoy coffee is the right guy for you!

 Coffee Undertones
 Chocolate and Caramel
Coffee Undertones Chocolate and Caramel

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The Ethiopia Dijimmah Origin Coffee Bean is grown at an altitude of over 1650 -2000 metres in the highlands of Dijimma, Ethiopia is often termed as the “original” coffee.

This is because it is grown close to the city of Kaffa, where it is believed coffee was first discovered… Kaffa – Coffee, similar names, get it?

The Dijimmah origin coffee bean is deprived of the normal acidity you would prefer in a coffee but possesses a taste that is kind of hard to describe despite being rich, winey, gamey, and fruity.

They are also very delicate and cannot be roasted past the medium level otherwise they would lose their flavour thus making only the light and medium roast colours available for this product.

Expect to witness a coffee with a bittersweet chocolate-like taste and a delicious caramel aftertaste.

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