Costa Rica Origin Coffee Bean

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Costa Rica Origin Coffee

Costa Rica coffees branded as deliciously fragranced, clean, bright, and balanced.
This can be said to be because they're grown at different regions and altitudes in the country (It's forbidden by law to grow anything less than the ideal quality of coffee beans.) only to mature into very delicious beans.

Coffee Undertones
 Honey and Caramel
Coffee Undertones Chocolate, Caramel and Honey

World Map Costa Rica

Grown around mountains and volcanoes and at an altitude of over 1,200 meters above sea level. The high rated Costa Rica Origin Coffee Bean which is categorized as a SHB (Strictly Hard Bean.) has a slight winey and bright acidity, a great body complemented by a strong and rich flavour. In general, it has a sweet, clean and crisp taste.

Coffee brewed with this product is expected to have a great, strong aroma and a honey, chocolaty caramel-like taste.
It is available in different roast colours. Accommodating the differing coffee tastes of individuals.

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