Congo Kivu Origin Coffee Bean

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Congo Kivu Origin Coffee

The Congo Kivu Origin Coffee Bean is the ideal coffee to act as an alternative for coffee aficionados who think other coffees such as the ones from Kenya are too strong.

Coffee Undertones
 Citrus and Dark Berry
Coffee Undertones Citrus and Dark Berries

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Its light level of acidity makes it enjoyable both in the early hours of the morning to set your day rolling and in the evening to end your day with.

The Congo Kivu is an exceptional quality African coffee that isn’t constantly readily available. It is therefore advised to purchase them when you have the chance to do so as you just might not find it for a long period. It has a pleasant, faintly zesty aroma with hints of earthiness.

When the fresh roasted beans of the Congo Kivu are ground and used to make coffee. It produces a full-bodied coffee that has a peaty flavour with hints of cocoa and orchard fruits and a velvet-like richness.

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