How To Buy Fresh Ground Coffee Online UK

How To Buy Fresh Ground Coffee Online UK

All fingers are not equal! This saying just goes to say that human beings are different in their own ways and no two people are the same. In this vein, we at Coffee Allstar fully comprehend that not all our customers have the means to afford a grinder while some just don’t have where to put them in an already jammed house and this is why we included the option of having your fresh roasted coffee beans grounded by us before being delivered to you.

We, however, advise our customers to purchase whole beans and do the grinding themselves to have the wonderful coffee experience only fresh ground coffee can provide.

Having gotten that out of the way, we are still open to enable you to have that perfect coffee experience by giving you the option of purchasing fresh ground coffee online from us hence we decided to tell you how the whole grinding process goes.

 Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans UK

Some Titbits About Coffee Grinding

  • The aroma of fresh ground coffee or fresh roasted beans in the grinding process is a truly wonderful one. Definitely, one you want to always be at your office or home.
  • Don’t let anyone deceive you by saying the way you grind coffee is not important to the eventual taste of the coffee. After roasting. The only thing preventing you from that cup of coffee is the process of grinding, how well you do this process determines if a said cup of coffee will be mediocre or perfect.
  • You never seem to get it right as it always seems to be either too fine or too coarse. Don’t beat yourself up; you’ll get it just right, even the great baristas are always seen adjusting the grind as they don’t seem always to get that which they seek.


It is important to know that once fresh roasted coffee beans have been grounded, they have been exposed to air and will start to lose their flavours (it is coffee101 that coffee and air don’t mix). Individuals are therefore advised against purchasing pre-ground coffee as they are usually stale and almost flavourless. If you don’t have the means or know how to grind the coffee yourself, then purchase fresh ground coffee online.

Freshly Roasted beans UK

What differentiates them is the fact that pre-ground coffees have been grounded a long time before they were needed, and as a result are usually stale (don’t be surprised if they become unusable 15 minutes after you open the pack) while when you order for fresh ground coffee online, the fresh roasted coffee beans are grounded at that exact moment making them still fresh enough to give you that coffee experience you have always dreamt about.

There are some tips we will love to give out on how to have your grounded coffee seem like it was roasted by a master grinder and you purchased them as fresh ground coffee online:


  • Be sure to never pre-grind the coffee beans, only grind them when you want to brew them immediately.
  • To become very good in the grinding process, consistency is key. Ensure you use the same weight in grams and applied pressure virtually every time you feel like grinding coffee.
  • DO NO grind coffee twice regardless of what level or grind you are looking to attain.
  • Endeavour to regularly clean your grinder to prevent coffee oils from building up on the chutes burrs.
  • It is perfectly okay if you do not get the grind just right initially, try again, you already wasted that batch what do you have to lose? Would you rather use the remaining beans to improve your grinding skills or let them waste away? Stay Woke.
  • Lastly, if your best isn’t just enough, rather than purchasing whole beans only to waste them, consider buying fresh grounded coffee online instead.

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