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Factors Limiting You From Getting Perfect Freshly Ground Coffee Beans | Coffee Subscription UK

The debate as to which of whole beans or already ground coffee is the best to purchase when you intend to brew coffee is one you would always hear amongst coffee aficionados. While both types have its merits and demerits, pre-ground coffee is easily gotten off shelves from mass retail shops or your local supermarket and allow you brew coffee immediately you get home, you have no stress and need not have any special skills whatsoever with this type of coffee, and that is almost all the merits associated with it. If you have never had coffee brewed from freshly ground coffee beans, you might not know what you are missing and may think all coffees have the same bitter and stale taste. That’s one demerit associated with pre-ground coffee beans, once whole beans become freshly ground coffee beans, they begin to lose their flavours and go stale, the quicker you use them, the better. But there you are purchasing them months or weeks after they were deemed freshly ground coffee beans, do the maths yourself and see how it ought to taste.

So basically, the main reason why buying whole beans is advised is no one other than to maintain a level of freshness that would make you savour all the flavours of the beans and relish your cup of coffee. Of course, before you use the coffee beans to brew coffee, you have to turn them into freshly ground coffee beans first, and this is where the problem lies. Don’t get me wrong, having perfect freshly ground coffee beans is not as hard as it seems, in fact, it takes only about one or two minutes to accomplish (once you’ve gotten the hang of it of course).

However, hard as you try, you never seem to get the same freshly ground coffee beans James and Tina across the road always get. Why is this happening to you? Have you been cursed? No, get those dirty thoughts out of your mind right now! You are merely not taking some factors into consideration.

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans UK

Factors that Can Limit You From Getting Freshly Ground Coffee Beans | Coffee Subscription UK

There are some elements that might be responsible for the behaviours of whole beans when they are grounded. We shall take a look at a few of them here:

  • Roast Level

It is public knowledge that longer you roast coffee beans, the more likely they are to break and allow the inherent oils in them break to the surface. The more you roast something, anything, the softer it gets. Hence, the darker the roast, the more fragile the beans. This just goes to say that if you wish to get the perfect freshly ground coffee beans, you ought to take note of the roast level of the whole beans and apply pressure and time used in the grinding process accordingly.


  • Process Method

The method used when the coffee beans were being processed also affects how the beans behave when they are being converted to freshly ground coffee beans. Coffee beans processed using the wet process tend to be softer and would grind differently than those processed using the dry process.


  • Altitude


Beans grown at higher altitudes say about 1,800 ft and above (Arabica) tend to be harder than those grown at lower elevations (Robusta). This difference in their levels of density will definitely require them to be grounded differently if you are to achieve that perfect freshly ground coffee beans which you seek.


Now that you know why you haven’t been getting the perfect freshly ground coffee beans, why don’t you visit now to order your whole beans to grind putting all these factors into consideration and if you still can’t quite attain that perfect freshly ground coffee beans level, we would be happy do the grinding for you.

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